Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Committee Chairman

Norman Beatty

Past Chairman, President and CEO
First Hope Bank, Hope, NJ
Current Stonier Capstone Advisor

Scholarship Committee Directors

Duncan Campbell

President, CEO and Treasurer
Pennsylvania Bankers Association, Harrisburg, PA

Leane Cerven

Former Executive Vice President, General Counsel
Peoples Bank, SB, Munster, IN

Stonier Alum Class of 1987

H. Wayne Pacine

Retired Manager, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, Washington, DC

Stonier Alum Class of 2011

Current Stonier Capstone Advisor
Barbara Shaw

Former EVP, Director of Corporate HR and Chair of TCF Foundation, TCF Financial, Phoenix, AZ

Stonier Alum Class of 2001

Greg Smith

Adjunct Professor and Executive-in-Residence, University of Wisconsin, Lubar School of Business, Milwaukee, WI

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Executive Director
Perette Bonner

Vice President
American Bankers Association, Washington, DC

Treasurer to the Committee
Lia Fordjour

Senior Vice President, Financial Planning & Reporting
American Bankers Association, Washington, DC

Secretary to the Committee
Rhonda Lees

Senior Counsel II
American Bankers Association, Washington, DC

Jamie Beaulieu, CAE

Senior Vice President, Executive Education & CEO Programs
American Bankers Association